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This is why we keep asking ourselves and everyone who is interested about the future of books: because we know that technological innovation is, for books as for every major aspect of human life, an opportunity more than a danger, and that it becomes the latter only when we fail to see the former.

Today, the blockchain paradigm is revolutionizing the whole digital world, which is an ever more important part of the real world as we experience it. It is crucial to understand how this technology works and what can be done with it, for many reasons deeply affecting our lives. We think that the blockchain is also crucial when it comes to our beloved books: that’s why we started this lab as an open workshop, to discuss everything in public and to give our contribution in steering the innovation. This lab has one, simple yet ambitious, goal: to use the blockchain to make better books, and to do it together.

  • To know more of our vision, there is our constantly updated and discussed Manifesto 
  • Technical specifications, architecture and blueprint, along with our project roadmap can be found and discussed in the Workshop
  • A lot is being said on the blockchain, books and many other issues, relevant to our project. Head to the Library  if you want to know more
  • In our Blog  we post ideas, updates, suggestions and the occasional rant and raving
  • To Discuss  all of this and possibly more, head to our dedicated forum channel
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